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About Me

Born and raised with dance pop music of the 80’s, with an adolescence full of parties in the 90s, and in love with rock music of those years, are steps that formed the musical basis of what will later become DJ Dani Blanco. With a technical background gained in years of college ( Computer Science ), and completed with a tremendous passion for music, Dani Blanco, started his DJ career in 2002, playing music to various private parties and corporate events. Due to the large number of events and bookings, in 2006 founded his own Mobile DJ agency: " DumDum - The DJ Company " that currently has 10 trained and specialized DJs.

In 2008, Dani Blanco stepped up to the club life, becoming a resident at several clubs in Historical Center. For 4 years in Bucharest center, he defines his own DJ style, following the line of pop-rock, dance, funky house, R&B and became on "open format" DJ. After he has improved mixing skills on vinyl and turntables, in 2012, he takes residency for 2 years in one of the most famous clubs in Bucharest : Entourage Club. After 2 years on the lake, with a consistent CV, bookings started to come, as guest DJ, in different clubs like Nomad SkyBar, TrueClub, Vault, Fratelli & more. An interesting and awareness residency was in 2015 for 1 year, at Club Vault. The last but not the least residency was in 2016  at Younivrse Summer Club.

PUB41 (2008)
The Barrel
Entourage Club (2012-2014)
Tiffany (2014)
Vault Club (2014-2015)

Chef's. Experience (2015-2016)
Youniverse Summer Club (2016)


Party Time Moments

Venues Played

Fratelli Club & Lounge
Nomad SkyBar
True Club
E3 by Entourage
Chefs Experience
The Gin Factory
Elements Club
Funky Lounge
Old City
El Grande Comandante
Beluga Music Club
The Barrel
Pub 41
Bonton Palace
The Ellements
Upstairs Rooftop